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The technology continues to be the spotlight and always a subject of conversation was light . Certainly many of you who do not know the some of the latest design of the lamp . Indeed functionality remains the same , that illuminate the streets. However , the lighting technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated course .

LED lights which surely is one of the technology. With LEDs , light or light generated yag become lighter and can illuminate a distance which is nearby and far away .

Of course, in addition to LED lights , there are many more technology from the developers of LED lights to continue to create results and best design to be marketed and the team of NINE Series continues to monitor and participate in these developments . Want to know what ? Adapted from Motortrend , here are five of them :

Matrix LED light


Matrix LED Light is the design of the subsequent development of LED.LED lamp itself was developed by Opel , LED light is sebernarya not dazzle other drivers who passed though tuned with high beam ( spotlight away ) the advantages of this type of lamp is the light produced and measurable ‘TOTAL and can be customized with its own settings .





Automatic high beam


This type of lamp has another name, smart high beam.Sebagaimana name implies, this type of lamp The developers develop technologies kinds of lights near and distance automatically when it detects another object in the road .





Adaptive headlight system

The latest technology of this type of lamp lights contained in the design follows the moving object and can be adjusted with penegemudi direction , so adjust the direction of the road . Found on cars like the Ford Focus and Audi A8 , this feature is particularly suitable for those who drive at night with winding streets .





Laser headlight


The technology continues to be monitored by a team of NINE Series is the advancement of LED technology . Laser Headlight bulbs with the name of this type is not really the type of laser , the light has a brightness of light generated quite jauh.Salah one manufacturer that uses this technology is Audi . These lights are just beginning to work when A8 running 60 km / h . While working this light can illuminate the road with a range of 500 meters it has done a reset of the team NINE Series.



Puddle lamps

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Not only for lighting alone , there are also some manufacturers who developed the lighting for other things, like opening the car door . One manufacturer who developed this is the Lincoln Motor Company . So, when the driver was near the car , the small projector will bring light to form a logo next to the door like a carpet welcome .

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