Advantages and disadvantages of using LED lights

Advantages and disadvantages of using LED lights

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Before we further discuss about the benefits and advantages of using led lights, it’s good if you know in advance about what it LED to, and what is a led light that.LED stands for Light Emithing Diode. While the LED itself is semi conductor that can transform electrical energy into light at a time when such a device is bypassed an electric current. So essentially the LED will be lighted if there is an electric current through it.LED lights ever experienced many developments, from dusk until the lights strobe and luxeon. That is a favorite to make the LED light as main light can emit bright light once but its power remains low. For this reason, many well-known motor manufacturer that uses led lights.

While its shortcomings, are on the bright light color. Ray white color can dazzle the eye other drivers compared to the rays of light that are yellowish. However this is not a problem when the light beam is directed appropriately.
As for some of the advantages of the successful team of NINE SERIES liput is as follows :

LED lights more efficient energy
1. The advantages of LED lights the first one is this more energy efficient bulbs. If you’ve previously made dizzy due to the electricity bills swell, now try to use the same LED lights. Because, it has power lights power consumption is very small so that it can reduce your electric usage each month.

2. Light the LED light is not hot
Another of the advantages of LED lights is the light it generates no heat. That means the LED will not make room in your home into a hotter longer. Bede’s with incandescent/fluorescent light, which is relatively hot.

3. Light the LED light does not contain Ultra Violet
For those of you who are concerned with health, already saatnyalah for you to replace the lamp in your House with LED lights. Why? Because the light output of LEDS do not contain UV (Ultra violet) which can damage eyes and skin.

4. more environmentally friendly LED lights
Why LED bulbs are said to be eco-friendly? In addition to free UV light, LED lights do not contain mercury. You need to know, that the substance was mercury can damage the ozone layer and human health.

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