CBR250RR CBR250R Sales Presence Issues A Bit

CBR250RR CBR250R Sales Presence Issues A Bit

Motorcycle few months become a warm discussion among automotitif two-wheel lovers IE speda notor CBR250RR alasanya was PT ASTRA Honda (AHM) is said to be launching the motor this year, although the parties are still closing meeting of AHM information regarding presence of the motorcycle fairing sportfull it.

CBR250RR is part of a plan to give back the freshness of the AHM segment 250 cc motot. AHM are still marketed the CBR250R, but unfortunately very few sales.

Margono Tanuwijaya as Marketing Director reveals his side continue to do development on the sector of motor sport. In this case no visible segment marketing to motor sport 150 cc AHM has already done the development until the line upnya kin more. So with 250 cc segment.

“The Improvement is still in lakuakan by AHM, in level 150 cc which one type is verza and also, there’s also the megapro 150 cc one type is the CBR150R. for CBR 150 new our imports had continued bias in lokaslisasi in sisni and biased views in data sales several AISI. Improvement certainly kai did. Kalao CBR250R, we realize it’s difficult, but not disetop (round). Want to buy a unit there kok “. Margono said.

The design of the CBR250RR himself had started to be known in Japan. This bike has a sporty and stylish carrying with modern technology. CBR250RR will ride by wire technology and choice of mode refractive riders are adapted to the rider’s body.
From the power sector, Honda CBR250RR touted menggunakanmesin twinslider which is capable of producing power 40 ps. Energy is transmitted to the rear wheels via a manual transmission six acceleration.
The latest components found in the Honda CBR250RR whom DRL LEDS, bubble windscreen, upswept exhaust with plates of silver, fairing sharper, LED headlamp, headlight fairing in sein, split and step-up seat, RIM alloymultispoke, upside down front fork, LED taillights, and brake discs front and rear.

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