S25-Type T20


The designs are casual and upholding the quality of the goods is made because it is made from ingredients of quality options. The design of this lamp provides the level of brightness of up to 45 percent.


Products with the name NN-T20-1206-IL-50-CLR is designed with 50 lights so that it has a fairly good brightness level sasmpai with 55 percent. made from quality strong sengingga choice of durable and long lasting.


With the product name NN-T20-1206-22-IL-CLR which is used for brake lights of the car and the motor can also be used for light cents. this product much sought after because of the tingakat the brightness of up to 50 percent. the other side make this lamp into a much sought after i.e. There are 10 lights and power used is small enough that is 0.09 Ampere.

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