T 10 Type


By product name NN-T10-HP1-CLR has a brightness level of 40 percent light make this type of lamp demand. Other side is made of leather material quality selection, so strong durable and long lasting.


Products with NN - T10-1210-20 name is very suitable for you who like a modified car because of the level of exposure of the product is up to 30 percent . other than that the product is also easy to use. 20 is equipped with a number of lights and power are minimal are 0.10 amperes or 1.4 watts


For those who like the product as the level of durability and strong, the product is suitable for you because it is made of quality aluminum option. other than that the product under the name NN-T10-1206-10-CLR is designed with modern adjusted with the times available


Tertiary brightness contained in these products up to 30 percent . has 9 lights and power that is also efficient and thus saving your battery when you use it . besides it's made of quality material selection , so strong durable and long lasting.

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